Becoming a Racing Driver

Many kids stay glued to their TV sets or computer screens and dream about what it would be like to become a racecar driver. This piece is written for those that want to put their helmet on, burn some rubber, have an awesome team, and become the talk of any enthusiast that enjoys Get ready to do a few things before you start your engines.

Learning to Drive

This should go without saying, but there are many different cars, models, ages, and tracks that differ from each other. A person driving a Honda Civic in the suburbs will tell an entirely different story when it comes to their driving experience from someone who drives a Ferrari on the weekend.

You need to not only know how to drive, but how to drive different cars. If you can adjust your style to suit the machine, you are taking the first steps towards racing professionally. You will learn what sounds the engine is not supposed to make, how to get the car ready for that one extra push with a temporary solution, and how to compensate for the sensitivity of the brakes.


I actually took the time to ask around on this one. People generally recommend trying out go-karting to get the feel of great speeds and professional tracks with relative safety. In fact, if you have several friends who are eager to become racers themselves, you can rent a few go-karts and go at it. Just remember to take the safety course first and get to know the track. Being competitive is fine, but not worth much if you end up in a hospital.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

If you are really eager to learn how to race, try to find a professional or amateur league near you. It can be in your own hometown or in the country. Heck, some people who are dedicated to their goal have no problem becoming expats if it means that they get what they are looking for (this is just an option and not a recommendation).

You can ask them what it takes to join in and what you can expect from the sport. If you click with the club, great. If not, try to find another way to get into the car racing world.

Money and Networking

Unfortunately, there is no way to sugarcoat this. You need a lot of cash if you plan on becoming a racecar driver. Why? Races cost a lot of money. Like, Hollywood-special-effects kind of money. If you want to enter Indy 500, for example, be ready to set aside a million bucks.

It is for this reason that drivers and teams look for sponsors because it is nearly impossible to come up with that much money on your own. You need to work hard, make contacts, and hope it’s enough.

Speaking of making contacts, mechanics, racers, team managers, and others are your friends. Or, if not, they really should be. You will learn the ropes by hanging around the right crowd.