Can You Improve Coaching Skills with Fantasy Sports and Football Manager?

Any football coach knows that developing good training plans and paying attention to individual needs of each player is the key to success. In addition, a good coach must constantly compare his teams with competitors and develop suitable strategies for countering various opponents. Finally, a football coach needs to know how to motivate his players and manage often complex interpersonal relationships in the team.

In this article, we will research whether popular virtual football games, Football Manager and Fantasy Football, can help enhance your skill. We won’t deal with classical sports betting games in this article, but we can recommend using 1Xbet Promo Code for those.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has become immensely popular in recent years. It is a game of skill in which you select your virtual football squad online and gain points based on the performance of real players during the season. Playing matches, scoring, assisting and keeping clean sheets earns points. Conceding goals and earning yellow and red cards will lose your team points. In the end, players with the most successful virtual team can win valuable prizes.

The game requires you to analyse carefully player’s stats and watch closely real-life games in order to pick the best squad possible. This is a good exercise for any coach. It can also teach you a bit more about budget allocation, because you will have to invest both in top players as well as in young talents, but it doesn’t go much further than that. Our conclusion is that although playing fantasy football can be helpful to some extent, it doesn’t give you enough room to experiment in order to count as a game that can properly simulate real-life situations. It is incredibly fun to play, though, especially with friends!

Football Manager

Football Manager is the game that is so popular that it doesn’t need a special introduction. It is the best and the most realistic simulation of football manager ever. The 2018 edition made significant improvements when it comes to managing interpersonal relationships, focusing more on the human side of the game with Dynamics, a new module displaying squad happiness, social groups, player morale and mood, as well as a detailed hierarchy of the most and least influential players.

Given how important the psychological factor is for the team success, this new feature is very helpful for learning about all the variables that can affect team chemistry. It is a good preparation for real-life situations and challenges of this kind.

In addition to teaching you how to make your team work in harmony, Football Manager has excellent tools for simulating core coaching skills: adjusting training sessions, developing strategies, dealing with injuries, analysing opponent’s strategy, handling different types of players, selecting squad, assigning positions to players based on their skills and stats and much more.

Real world challenges of coaching are much more complex, but Football Manager will help you get the idea of all the elements that should work together in order to make a successful team.